Why Customer Complaints Matter

Why Customer Complaints Matter

When you hear about customer complaints, it scares you as a brand. But why? It does portray a negative image of a brand. However, there is useful information concealed in every type of customer complaint.

The Best Visual Reporting Tools To Use In 2022

The Best Visual Reporting Tools To Use In 2022

In today's context, data visualization encompasses all aspects of data visualization. We're dealing with enormous data sets that need to be visualized.

In such cases, tools emerge to assist individuals in comprehending the value of data through visual reports.

Lead Generation VS Demand Generation

What distinguishes lead generation from demand generation

Marketing Hack Of The Year-Lead Generation vs. Demand Generation

When you hear about lead generation and demand generation, it can be puzzling. What distinguishes demand generation from lead generation in reality? If you don't know, you are not alone. Demand generation and lead generation are not the same, but they are also not that dissimilar.

Let's break it down so you can see how the two vary. Although these two concepts are sometimes confused, it's crucial to understand that they refer to different strategies.

ERP/CRM for Small Businesses

ERP or CRM or blend of both

Advantages of ERP/CRM for Small Businesses

If an organization decides to implement enterprise resource planning to integrate all of its internal business processes or departments, there are multiple benefits of ERP to be harvested. Whereas Customer Relationship Management focuses only on Company's Relationship with customer.

Visual Reporting

Visual Reporting For Businesses

The Importance of Visual Data Reports

When it comes to gaining better insight and intelligence related to your business processes, visual data reporting is no gimmick. It provides a more efficient and effective alternative to traditional means such as Powerpoint or an Excel spreadsheet. While these traditional methods still exist, visual reporting tools have become more recognized and utilized for their added convenience and in-depth insight into customer behavior, in-house productivity or decision making.

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