Double entry bookkeeping

Double Entry Bookkeeping

Let's explain what is double-entry accounting?

Double-entry accounting is based on the principle that a financial transaction recorded in one place as a credit (cash earned by your company) must elsewhere be recorded as a debit (cash lost by your company). Think of it as Newton's third law but applied to accounting: All transactions have an equal and opposite transaction. This can be represented by basic mathematical equation of accounting:

CRM process and objective

What are The Prime Objectives of The CRM Process And Why Do You Need One?

Operating a business has its challenges; every day you’ve to make decisions that affect your employees, how much you spend on recruiting, or which software is best for managing your sales pipeline.

We get you’re wearing a lot of hats at once as a business owner and on top of all of that, managing your customer relationships is one of your major priorities. If you don’t know how CRM works and how beneficial it is in boosting your business and profit let’s get into it shall we?

Lead Generation

Top 5 Groof- Proof B2B Lead Nurturing Tactics

Hey there Marketers? How are all of you doing? In today's blog, you'll get some insights into the secrets of b2b lead nurturing tactics that are working like crazy for different businesses right now!

We will reveal all of the powerful strategies, tips, and tactics to help you with your lead nurturing efforts. Information can help you turn your leads into paying customers as quickly as possible. But, remember one thing; whatever we're going to share with you in this blog is not generic advice; these are some proven work strategies.

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