Find how iBizz can help you with tons of business management tasks. Access visual reports, raise invoices, make business transactions, and much more.
A business suite  to make your business management simple
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Manage your business with iBizz

iBizz, a cloud-based software lets you manage your business from a single point. Access information to help you scale your business with better and effective decisions.

Benefits your business can have with iBizz

Integrated Solution:
Most businesses rely on multiple software for each department & some uses additional software for Business Intelligence reports, consequently with iBizz, you don’t have to switch between software for every department and to generate BI reports.
Lead Management:

Track your leads using leadboard and see how well your business is converting. Grow faster with better lead management.

Clients Management

Manage all the details of companies/individuals you’re doing business with on same smart suite. No more scattered chunks of information buried inside dusty files.


Unlimited invoices with multiple online options to keep your business cash flow stable, yet for quick decisions there’s a visual report for you.

Communicate with your team

No need to switch to alternatives for communication. iBizz let’s you communicate with your team members within the business suite and saves a lot of time.

Access Visual Reports

Have smart, interactive and easy to use BI reports including but not limited to financial and customer reports. Dig into figures daily and measure your business KPIs.

iBizz on mobile
  • Dashboard
    See your business’s important information such as expenses, income, profit, invoices, orders, and much more at a glance.
  • Control Panel
    Access control panel to have full control of all your business suite settings. Choose your favorite theme and the payment options suitable for transactions.
  • Secure your Data
    As iBizz is a cloud-based platform, so your business data is centralized and protected from external threats and breaches.
  • Track Expenses
    Have a complete picture of your expenses and find where you’re spending more or less for better and quick decision making.

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