For smart people we’ve made our pricing plans more concise and simpler.

We trust our clients and our clients business is our first priority, we’ve added zero restrictive plan, iBizz is less expensive as compared to other singular suites, you can access all features with iBlizz without any limits.

Features you’re going to unlock:

IBizz Features
iBizz Features
  • Manage leads 
  • Access analytics
  • Generate unlimited invoices and quotations
  • Manage your business accounts from a single point
  • Access visual reports to get a complete business picture
  • Access multiple account statements
  • Manage and resolve customers queries complaints
  • Manage purchases for your business
  • Communicate with your teams and departments
  • Add  multiple team members with different access level
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Your business data is safe with us

Our Pricing plans

Pay Per Month

We believe in unified experience and made fully featured but most flexible Monthly plan, we offer FREE TRIAL, however iBizz offers same pro features on all our plans
Subscription can be cancelled during the trial period

Pay Per Year

Pay for whole year and get 20% discount Plus 1 month extra. We do not put any limitations for any of our price plan
Subscription can be cancelled during the trial period

Fit Your Needs

Boost up your business, set up and appointment with our team and discuss your needs and get all feature packed iBizz.
Customize Specific Feature, Add New Feature, Custom Extension, Custom Theme or Front End Sync with iBizz

Looking for customization?

If you want changes in the suite according to the size and other needs of your business.


iBizz FAQ
iBizz FAQ

Is there any discount available on the yearly plan? How are these two plans different?
Yes, we offer a 20% discount on the yearly plan. Other than the pricing, there is no difference between these two plans. 

Do you offer discounts to non-profit businesses?
iBizz offers a special discount to non-profit businesses. To enjoy this discount, contact our support team or email us at

How do you charge?
We charge up front and accept payment through PayPal.

Can I cancel my subscription anytime?
You never will, perhaps we ensure you, our first priority is our client, so YES! You can cancel your subscription anytime.
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